While doing research for this paper, I learned a lot more about cyberbullying than I expected. I always knew the basics of what it was and how it happened, but when I was researching, I learned about the statistics of who is cyberbullied and why it happens. Cyberbullying happens way more than I ever thought. This was evident when I connected cyberbullying to the article we read about when President Barack Obama joined twitter and the racist comments followed immediately. This shows that cyberbullying happens to everybody, not just teenagers. While writing the paper, I started with only a few sources, but as it expanded, I started to find more and more. One of the hardest parts about this paper for me was the length. I was able to write everything that I needed to say in about six pages and I struggled to get to eight. This is when I began to include more of my personal thoughts and soon, I had eight pages. I felt like adding personal thoughts and experiences about the subject made the paper easier to write. Although I haven’t personally been cyberbullied, I do know people who have and I have seen the effect it has had on them. I also liked writing about how what I am planning on studying at U of M – Dearborn can hopefully help me be a part of stopping cyberbullying in the future. One of the sources I used included a lot of information and tips about how to avoid being cyberbullied. I knew about some of these things, such as using privacy settings or blocking whoever is bullying, but this article discussed other ideas that I hadn’t heard about before. I think sites like this are very beneficial for teenagers to stay aware and avoid being cyberbullied. At the beginning, I had a hard time figuring out where to start. I struggled with organizing my thoughts in a good way. After I had all of my paragraphs written, I tried to put them in the best order possible that would help all of my thoughts flow nicely. My final step was to just continue to proof read and edit the paper.