Why I Use Social Media

I know from personal experience that social media and various forms of technology are extremely important in my life. I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and I find them very beneficial, especially now, in keeping in touch with my friends from high school or family who I may not get to see every day. Ever since about four years ago when my aunt, uncle, and cousins moved to Nebraska, technology has been our only form of communication. My aunt has always been somebody that I have had a very strong relationship with and technology has made it possible for us to remain close whether we just text every day or FaceTime whenever we can. Even while I’m away at college, I am able to talk to my parents whenever I need to and just knowing that gives me some peace of mind. Social media also helps me keep updated on things happening in the world. I am able to find out any information that I need by just searching something on Twitter. These are only a few of the reasons why social media can be beneficial for students, however, there are several things that make social media a negative.

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