Relation to Comp 105

One of the reasons I chose this topic was because of some of the articles we read during class. They all talked about how powerful social media can be for several reasons including social media activism and giving people a way to become a part of things happening around them who may not be able to be there physically. However, some of these articles also talked about some of the negative aspects. An article called “Obama Joins Twitter. Racism Quickly Follows,” discusses how when President Barack Obama joined twitter earlier this year, the racist comments began to follow almost immediately. The fact that even President Obama can be the victim of these awful comments supports the fact that cyberbullying happens all of the time (Capehart).

I even noticed a connection between cyberbullying and several of the other essays we read during class. Many of the authors focused on democracy and equality. In the essay, “The Optimism of Uncertainty” by Howard Zinn, there was a quote that I think relates to this topic for many different reasons: “We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world” (Loeb 86). This quote relates to the fact that, to end cyberbullying, one person doesn’t have to be the hero. If we all work together with small acts, they can all add up.

The articles we read during class discussed how beneficial social media can be in different platforms such as the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. This was started on social media and within a short amount of time it became a huge movement. This just proves how powerful social media can be. If social media could be a huge factor in spreading the “Black Lives Matter” campaign, why shouldn’t it be the thing that begins to end cyberbullying? If enough people get involved, I think that it is truly possible to put an end to cyberbullying for good. The founders of the “Black Lives Matter” campaign simply started a hashtag to begin a discussion. This is something that can be extremely helpful in starting to end cyberbullying.

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