Personal Experience

Personally, I have never been cyberbullied, but I have seen it happen. Throughout grade school and high school, I have seen so many people be insulted online. Whether it is posting embarrassing pictures or posting horrible comments, no matter what kind of content it is, it has a negative effect on people. I couldn’t count the amount of harmful things I have seen on sites like Twitter or Facebook. While researching this topic, I came across several stories of teenagers who were cyberbullied. All of these stories are different for several reasons. For example, one of the stories I read was about a young girl named Megan. Megan was cyberbullied by her ex-best friend’s parents when they created the fake profile of a boy. Several events led Megan to commit suicide. The fact that Megan was cyberbullied by two adults shows that this can occur at all different ages (“Cyber Bullying Stories”).

One experience of cyberbullying that I remember the most was when, in ninth grade, one of my close friends from my dance studio was being cyberbullied. Her and a few of her friends were in a fight and they began to post some very harmful things towards her online. She would constantly come into class crying and upset. Soon she realized that it wasn’t worth it and took a break from social media sites. Although her and her friends made up after a few days and her situation didn’t end badly like some of the other cases do, this was still a negative experience for her.

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