How Cyberbullying Can Be Avoided

How Cyberbullying Can Be Avoided

As a digital forensics major here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, I am hoping to someday be a part of those who help put a stop to cyberbullying. Digital forensics involves searching all different types of technology and recovering data that can be used for evidence, which is exactly the type of things needed to prevent cyberbullying. I hate seeing teenagers use hurtful language towards each other online and I am hoping that, someday, I will be able to help stop it. According to a CNN article, the difference between bullying and cyberbullying is that cyberbullying can be traced. Every time we do something online, we leave a “digital footprint” that can be traced back to the source. This makes it possible for someone who hopes that they will be staying anonymous to be traced (Landau). It is always a good idea that whoever is being cyberbullied should keep all of the evidence, including printing out the comments on social media. This can make it easier when it comes to finding who the person is that has been cyberbullying.

There are several suggestions on how to stop cyberbullying or to reduce your chances of being cyberbullied. One of these things is using privacy settings offered by social media sites. By making your profile private and only allowing people you know to see it, you are limiting your content to only be viewed by the people who you approve. You can also take advantage of the blocking option that they offer. This allows you to block somebody if you notice him or her beginning to post comments that are offensive or harmful. Another thing you can do to limit cyberbullying is always think before you post. It is important to remember that everything you post on the Internet will always be there no matter how hard you try to delete it. You can also make sure to keep educated and to try to educate others. The best way to stop cyberbullying is to know how and when it happens. When you’re educated, you can speak out and begin to stop it.

Privacy settings

The following clip comes from an ABC Family movie called Cyberbully. The movie focuses on a teenage girl who, after joining a popular social media site, finds her self becoming a victim of cyberbullying. In this scene, she finally shows her mom the horrible things that people have been posting about her, however, she still refuses to shut her profile down. If you fast forward to 2:17, you will see several things you can do to prevent cyberbullying that were given to her in a support group.

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